Best internet download managers of 2018

Download managers are quick task managers that facilitates the simultaneous loading of multiple files. They can increase your download speed, pause and resume downloads, schedule them and offer many other useful features. We reviewed the list of some popular download managers, compared them and chose the best for our users.

Top VPN services for Windows in 2018

Use VPN, or Virtual Private Network, services to hide your IP, get access to blocked websites and relatively anonymously browse the internet without geographical restrictions or censorship. We've reviewed 5 most popular VPN services, compared them and chosen the best one for our users.

Choose a remote desktop access program

Remote access programs establish a connection between multiple computers and access the desktop and software of one machine from the other. We have compiled a list of the most popular products providing functionality of this kind.

What is the fastest web browser for Windows?

Web or Internet browsers are software programs designed for accessing information on the Internet. They allow viewing pieces of content on various websites, that are connected with hyperlinks and classified into URLs. We've reviewed the most popular web browsers on the market and compared their functionality to pick up the best one.

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4.2 avec 31339 votes

Adobe Systems Incorporated

4.3 avec 1370 votes


4.4 avec 351 votes

Unity Technologies

4.3 avec 971 votes

Dropbox, Inc.

4.3 avec 646 votes


4.2 avec 397 votes

Torch Media Inc.

4.3 avec 446 votes


4.2 avec 40311 votes


4.2 avec 622 votes

BitTorrent, Inc.

4.4 avec 8277 votes

BitTorrent, Inc.

4.2 avec 2636 votes

Adobe Systems Incorporated

4.3 avec 344 votes

Opera Software

4.2 avec 8846 votes

Vitzo Limited

4.1 avec 465 votes

Baidu Inc.

4.4 avec 274 votes

The Chromium Authors

4.3 avec 334 votes

Riverbed Technology

4.1 avec 778 votes

Apple Inc.

4.1 avec 1369 votes


4.1 avec 917 votes

GreenTree Applications SRL

4.2 avec 1176 votes

Baidu Inc.

4.2 avec 462 votes


4.1 avec 803 votes


4.1 avec 714 votes


4.1 avec 345 votes

Adobe Systems Incorporated

4 avec 6875 votes


4 avec 2198 votes

DsNET Corp.

4.1 avec 1198 votes

Comodo Group, Inc.

4.1 avec 388 votes

Ummy Soft

4.1 avec 375 votes

Tim Kosse

4.2 avec 552 votes