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Obtenez gratuitement Taggerwocky X 1.2 dans notre logithèque. Retrouvez Taggerwocky X dans notre catégoie Audio & Video et plus précisément Général.

Taggerwocky is an easy to use tag editor for MP3 audio files from Artly There Software. You need not pay anything to use it. The author will not turn away any donations however, should you feel so inspired, because he has put some good bit of effort into it. :) Worth at least a beer per MP3 edited. Maybe. Your price is a simple email telling the author if it works for you, or not, and any praise or any other life changing comments you may have. Contact the author for distribution information.
Read the manual, or tag into ignorance.
For those who have the coolness to contribute, you can visit Kagi and work out something.

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