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Type de licence: Gratuit
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Gee! 1.1 est disponible gratuitement au téléchargement dans notre logithèque. Retrouvez Gee! dans notre catégoie Communication et plus précisément E-mail.

Gee! is a notifier for Atom Feeds that sits in your menubar. It was specifically written to read the Atom feed provided by Google for their wonderful Gmail service. Their feed lists the number of new emails a user has in their inbox. The icon in the menubar displays the number of unread messages inside a lovely blue icon. Gee! can be configured to play a sound when new mail arrives and rotate its icon to grab your attention. New email information appears in the drop-down menu. This is all configurable from a preferences window. Gee! will not only work with Gmail's atom feed but with any atom feed. Gee! will just show the current number of entries in the feed. The menu subject and email listings may not appear depending on the feed. Includes Growl Support.

Au vu de votre téléchargement de Gee!, nous vous recommandons des outils similaires tels que Mail-Grab, Install DockStar ou Zimbra Toaster.


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